Thess INTEC is innovation’s software and hardware

Thess INTEC is first and foremost a mechanism that creates synergies among universities, research institutions, knowledge-intensive businesses, local community and the public sector. Thess INTEC will deliver both leading-edge research and innovation related infrastructure and services, but it will also invest in delivering superior living standards combining blue and green spaces, experimental culture, creativity and openness to all forms of diversity. 

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Your business in the Park

We facilitate your growth & expansion

The location of premises is of crucial importance to businessesWhether you are an emerging startup or an established multinational organization, we ‘ve got you covered! 



Your success is our business

Our tenants represent an innovation ecosystem within themselves. They are the most important element of Thess INTEC.


Workplace of
the future

We make sure that the workplace of the future is worth leaving our homes for! 


Incubation &

We take your idea to the next level

We help newly found and early-stage startup companies develop their business around their idea, product, or service.


Urban Paradise

Thess INTEC will attract creative and entrepreneurial minds, so it only makes sense that it has comfortable spaces for people to launch their ideas into action.

As an alternative to traditional single company offices, our coworking space, will be a hub for innovation that provides a cozy environment for getting work done and opportunities for networking.

Among other, our amenities will include parking, mail, coffee & snacks, events, printing services and conference rooms.

Are you on the lookout for a modern, vibrant, and yet affordable place to work in Thessaloniki? Well, look no further, Thess INTEC is your no. 1 choice!


A new era for Research

Thess INTEC and CERTH have signed a long-term ground lease agreement for the required ​​land for construction and development of CERTH 2.0 buildings & research infrastructure, to a total of 11,000 sqm for all CERTH Institutes (ITI 5,000 sqm, INAB 3,000 sqm, CPERI 1000 sqm, HIT 1,000 sqm and IBO 1,000 sqm). Moreover, the agreement includes a potential (optional) lease of an additional plot of land (5,000 sqm).


Test bed for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs)


Laboratory for Aquatic Life

The Laboratory for Aquatic Life investigates the environmental and chemical quality of water and sediment and engages in aquatic and limnology research. Furthermore, it puts emphasis on the scientific fields of aquaculture and fisheries.

Conference Center

The perfect venue for your event

Our versatile climate-controlled Conference Center boasts superb technical facilities, a stunning entrance foyer and several smaller seminar spaces. It has a capacity of 550 and its architecture reflects the city’s culture and sense of community, therefore resulting in a more authentic experience for visitors and delegates. The Center’s functional outdoor spaces – including the Canalside area – are an excellent choice for your corporate and social events.


A new kind of hospitality

Thess INTEC Masterplan includes a contemporary 4-star hotel. In fact, it will be a lot more than a hotel. We are designing a buzzing hub where people from all walks of life and academic background rub shoulders and exchange ideas. Adventure seekers, entrepreneurs, students, digital nomads and locals: everyone is welcome!

Residential Complex

A home away from home

Thess INTEC campus will be featuring a limited quantity of furnished and unfurnished rental units to accommodate digital nomads, startuppers, researchers and visiting academic staff who require temporary or 12-month accommodations. In addition to their convenient location within the Park, these beautifully designed apartment homes will offer access to all Thess INTEC amenities including our fitness center, on-campus convenient store and spacious car parking.