We facilitate your
growth & expansion

The location of premises is of crucial importance to businesses. Whether you are an emerging startup or an established multinational organization, we ‘ve got you covered!

Thess INTEC offers a wide range of choices to suit the needs of any innovative company wishing to locate its R&D activities in Thessaloniki. Our solutions include: 

Plots of land 

Thess INTEC offers a variety of plots of land for companies intending to develop their own buildings within the Center. Come and talk to usWe canhelp you design your next step. 

Modern & Scalable office spaces 

We offer modern office spaces, and fully equipped state of the art laboratories at favorable conditions. Short notice periods for rental agreements and the option to expand office space when needed, make for start-up friendly rental terms.  

Virtual Tenancy 

Virtual packages are ideal for businesses that don’t need a fixed office, yet want to create a professional impression. Becoming a virtual tenant will give you the opportunity to be part of the community as it develops, giving you a profile-raising address and allowing you to host your board meetings and client meetings in Thess INTEC. You will also have access to photocopying, secretarial and business support. 

Plots of land for companies

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