most outward looking city

Thessaloniki, the second largest Greek city and one of Europe’s oldest, boasts the largest student population in South East Europe including 3 times the European average of engineering graduates. 

  • Huge tourist influx to nearby Halkidiki
  • Major Port
  • International Airport
  • Rich history, social and cultural life
  • 1.000.000+ inhabitants/one of the youngest populations in Europe
  • Greece’s Exhibition Hub
  • 4 Universities /Thessaloniki has a strong academic community of 120,000 students, the largest in Greece

Beyond the city

Thessaloniki is truly fascinating, but if you venture outside of it, you will discover that the surrounding area is also rich with places to explore and things to see and do. From pristine beaches with crystal clear waters to breathtaking mountain vistas, wine tasting extravaganzas to thousandyear-old monasteries, sailing or kitesurfing to mountaineering and ski-touring on Mt Olympus, historical sites to crazy carnivals, Macedonia and its neighboring regions can please even the pickiest of wanderers.